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Chingay 2009

In early Jan 2009, our humble training group was honourably invited by People's Association to demonstrate at Chingay (Pre-Parade) 2009, 30th and 31st Jan, Asia's grandest street and floats festival. We were scheduled to demonstrate what we do at 3 locations. One at Marina Square, the other two along Padang.

Excited and eager, once the music starts, we ran into the demonstration area in a single file and bowed to the audience. Starting off with 1-vs-1 demonstration, each one of us fought 3-rounds before switching, while the rest waits for their turn neatly in a single file behind.

As the music changes, we quickly transit into the Multiple-vs -Multiple phase of our demonstration. Beginning with 1-vs-2, we add on to the team one by one after each round. Those been struck and deemed to be "dead" were to kneel, so that the audience could tell who's "dead" and who's fighting.

Our demonstration came to an end when the music stopped. We stood in a single file with our helmets off, and bowed to the audience before leaving. And not even before an appreciative thunderous cheer and clapping from the crowd.

It's a milestone for our humble training group to be invited to this national event. Demonstrating in front of a huge crowd has been a challenge.

And it is when we overcome challenges that we grow and bond as a group.

Great way to start off the new year!

Special Thanks to
- Yvonne from PA, for your recommendation
- Rachel from PA, for your invitation
- Greg, for always being there.
- Caili, for skipping class to make this happen.
- Haoyu, for your unsung efforts
- Jeremy, for helping out to carry the Polearm
- Zero, for lugging the heavy armour for Shunjing
- Shunjing, for making the dedicated efforts
- Melvin, for helping out to carry weapons and stuff
- Faiz from SEJA, for graciously helping out
- Marylyn and my own brother, for helping to watch over our stuff while we demonstrated.
- Arun, for graciously donated 2 Helmets and 2 pairs of gloves to our training group.
- last but definitely not the least, my parents. All of the pictures taken of the demonstration was by my parents who sat up there as audiences. Without them taking these photos, there won't be any.
Marina Square. Back Row: Caili, Haoyu. Front Row: Melvin, Greg, Jack and Zero.


From left: Caili. Faiz. Greg.
From left: Greg, Jack and Melvin. Marylyn and Shunjing. Melvin.